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This script will make your link text color flash and change!
<!-- Step 1 add the script below to your web page -->
<!-- Cut-N-Paste JavaScript from ISN Toolbox
Copyright 1996, Infohiway, Inc. Restricted use is hereby
granted (commercial and personal OK) so long as this code
is not *directly* sold and the copyright notice is buried
somewhere deep in your HTML document. A link to our site
http://www.infohiway.com is always appreciated of course,
but is absolutely and positively not necessary. ;-) -->

<script language="JavaScript">
function initArray() {
for (var i = 0; i < initArray.arguments.length; i++) {
this[i] = initArray.arguments[i];
this.length = initArray.arguments.length;

// you may fill this colors array with your colors.
// the script will rotate the links through these colors
var colors = new initArray(

pause_time = .5; // in seconds

link = 0; // starting color index (in colors array) for unvisited links
vlink = 4; // starting color index (in colors array) for visited links

function linkDance() {
link = (link+1)%colors.length;
vlink = (vlink+1)%colors.length;
//alert("link "+link+"\r\nvlink "+vlink+"\r\nvlinkColor "+document.vlinkColor);
document.linkColor = colors[link];
document.vlinkColor = colors[vlink];
// -->


Note: This script does not seem to work on every browser. But even if it doesn't work, it really doesn't affect much.<br><br>

Need to spice up an otherwise dull page? Just throw this little script in there. All it does is periodically change the link (both visited and unvisited) colors to create a really annoying effect. The document.linkColor and document.vlinkColor objects hold the link colors for that page, so this script just rotates through your list of colors and makes you links dance!<br><br>


Sample Links to show how this script works:<br>
(if the links below are flashing different colors, it works in your browser. If not, it doesn't work in your browser)<br><br>

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