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Before we get started, please, please share this little note with all your visitors. It will make you look helpful and caring. But more importantly, maybe it will get AOL to stop and think a minute. 

Have you used AOL? When you save a picture in AOL it converts all pictures into '.art' and pretty much makes them of no use whatsoever. So here's how to solve that for your visitors. It's so easy but so helpful. They'll love you for it. I promise.

CLICK HERE and then be sure to SAVE IT!

So let's dive right in here and spruce up your web pages. What do you say?

Here's an even simpler way to add highlight to a given word or sentence. Just write:

<span style="background-color: #FFFF00">brilliantly</span>

Instead of sending you to another page I'm just using this one on this page. Have you looked at the code yet? It's so easy to use cool effects like these -- and as for your readers it really keeps them interested. You'll see here in a minute that it doesn't take much (on your part) to IMPRESS the heck out of them.


Let's change the scroll bar colors now. It's simple and easy as pie. Just add a few lines of code into the <HEAD> of your document, like this.

CLICK HERE to see the example.

Here's the code:

BODY { scrollbar-3d-light-color:#d2e6f8;

Now let's look at how to make a drop-down-GO menu. They are easy with DHMTL. Just look:

<form name="boogie">
<select name="surf" onChange="

[].value;" value="GO">
<option selected>Choose Destination</option>
<option value="book.html">Web Site Design Made Easy</option>
<option value="magic.html">Background Magic</option>
<option value="news.html">Almost a Newsletter</option>

Important: The line that starts with... 

<select name="surf" ... 

...and ends with... 


Has to be all one line or the code won't work. Just change the 
links in each option value to make it work for your site. Use 
the full URL for links leading off of your site. 

CLICK HERE to see an example.


Now let's get into this a little deeper:

CLICK HERE for the example of a start page written in DHMTL. You may freely copy and save the code through your NOTEPAD.

Ready to see (and copy) the code... compliments of

CLICK HERE to open the code and then save it for yourself. Just change the words it displays and you've got it. You could even add images like a logo or two... and then sell it to a big Fortune 500 company for a splash introduction page for their website.

Did you know they are getting big bucks for these things now?


Finally let's wrap up this section by using sounds on your web page. First, we can add a simple <tag> for background sound. Here it is:

<bg source="bgama.midi" loop=2> which would play your midi file when the page is loaded and loop it twice.

Let's look at enabling the playing of sound when the user clicks on a sentence OR an image.

Take a look at this script: CLICK HERE

Want to see it in action? Thought you'd never ask... 
CLICK HERE to see AND HEAR the example.

Now what about midi? We can do it two different ways. One with controls, and one without controls. Both browsers handle this differently, so be careful. Make sure you view the code on each page to get it right.

CLICK HERE for no control...just background.

CLICK HERE for cool controls in either browser.


Here's a real attention getter. A custom message box that pops up right in the middle of the screen. Visitors can't help but see it...

Take a look and tell me what you think... CLICK HERE

Let's move on to JavaScripts and do some of the REAL COOL Stuff. Are you still with me?

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