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So much could be said about HTML. Right now, I am staring at over 1,200 pages of html guides (real paper pages) of which I know, maybe, 25 percent. Suffice it to say I will not go into a long tutorial here. There are plenty of great sites to become informed through, and I would recommend them to anyone who desires to learn more. One of the best is In fact, that is my standby reference on anything to do with coding.

I will however give you just a few reference pages to make this book a little more complete:

HTML Chart

HTML Special Characters

Full HTML - Web Safe Color Chart

Browser Comparison lets you know what each version is capable of.

To be brief, and skip all the 'nonsense' programming techie stuff, you MUST know this:

Each HTML "tag" begins with -- <
and ends with </>

Make sure you always "tag". It will almost always be the problem when you go to copy any of these scripts into your pages. 

Furthermore, you must know that each web page is composed of two MAIN parts: the head



AND the body



Simply put, we could compare the two to a human being. The "head" thinks for us, and the "body" carries out the actions. Same in HTML.

OK. That's ALL I'm going to say about HTML. Scary? Not at don't need anymore. Let's move on to some cool stuff. What do you say?

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