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So are we having fun yet?

Here's a few more...

This one adds an alert box when the visitor comes to your homepage.

CLICK HERE for the example.


<title>Simple Alert Box</title>

<script language="JavaScript">

<!-- This script is courtesy of Bravenet Web Services. -->
<!-- is the webs top rated site for FREE Webmaster Tools! -->

<!-- This part of the script goes between your HEAD tags. -->
<!-- Hide the script from old browsers --
function loadalert ()
<!-- This is where you write your message. Just change the text between the double quotes. -->
{alert("Do you know what Bravenet stands for? BRAVENET = Brad and Dave on the Net! :)")
// --End Hiding Here -->

<!-- This part of the script goes INSIDE your FIRST BODY TAG -->
<body onLoad="loadalert()">


Simple-simon stuff, huh? Bet you never thought it could be so easy...

Now let's take it one step further. Let's have a conversation with the new visitor and then write his name in a personalized message write on the web page he's visiting.

In the <head>

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
var name = prompt('What is your name, please?', 'Web Designer');
var today = new Date();
var hrs = today.getHours();
if (hrs < 5)
alert('Good Morning, '+name+', it sure is early !');
else if (hrs < 12)
alert('Good Morning, '+name+' ');
else if (hrs <= 18)
alert('Good Afternoon, '+name+' ');
else if (hrs < 24)
alert('Good Evening, '+name+' ');

And in the <body>

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
document.write("<CENTER><H3>Hello, " + name + " ! Have you ever tried to install a cool script into your web page? <\/H3><\/CENTER>");

CLICK HERE to see how impressive it is.


Here's how to put a mouse trail sure to IMPRESS everyone who visits your website.

CLICK HERE for the example.

CLICK HERE for the code.

Now isn't that impressive -- and so EASY it ought to be a sin. So what do you think so far? Too hard? Bet you found out it's not as hard as you thought it would be, huh?

So moving along...


Here are some page transitions to amaze your visitors. First, I'm going to backtrack and make it laughably simple to add these to your website.

CLICK HERE to see the example.

All you have to do is add a new meta tag to the <HEAD> section of your page:

<META http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="revealTrans(Duration=5,Transition=17)">

That's all there is to it! In the above code, the time it takes to transition is five seconds and the transition effect is #17. Below is a list of all available transition effects.

0 - Shrinking Box
1 - Growing Box
2 - Shrinking Circle
3 - Growing Circle
4 - Wipes Up
5 - Wipes Down
6 - Wipes Right
7 - Wipes Left
8 - Right-Moving Stripes
9 - Downward-Moving Stripes
10 - Right-Moving Boxes
11 - Downward-Moving Boxes
12 - Dissolve Screen
13 - Horizontal Curtain Closing
14 - Horizontal Curtain Opening
15 - Vertical Curtain Closing
16 - Vertical Curtain Opening
17 - Left-Down Wipe
18 - Left-Up Wipe
19 - Right-Down Wipe
20 - Right-Up Wipe
21 - Horizontal Bars Dissolve Screen
22 - Vertical Bars Dissolve Screen
23 - Random Effect, for the adventurous!

There you have it. Netscape will ignore these tags, but visitors using Internet Explorer (far and away the majority), will see nifty transition effects.

Let's finish up with a very cool effect.


This one creates a dynamic Title Bar. This is the bar on top or the page above the menu.

CLICK HERE to see the example.

CLICK HERE to see the code.